Grants and Contracts

Grants and Contracts

• ARO DURIP  2017  $ 152,215

Acquisition of High Sensitivity Instruments to Enhance Advanced Recognition of Photocatalytic Activity of Composite Materials as CWA Deactivation and Detection Media

• NSF QEMT  2016  $ 637,715

Acquisition of Nanofrazor 

• NYC DEP  2014 – 2017  $ 1,182,924

Study of Granular Activated Carbons

• ARO  June 13- March 17  $ 450,000

Insight Into Multifunctional Reactive Adsorbents: Engaging Chemistry, Porosity, Photo-activity and Conductivity into Decontamination Process

• EPA  Dec 11- Dec. 14  $499,746

Sewage and industrial sludge based composite adsorbents for removal of contaminants from drinking water sources    

• NSF  Oct 2011-Sept 2014   $ 263, 600

Collaborative research: nano-engineered MOF-graphene materials- new perspectives for reactive adsorption and catalysis    

• ARO –DURIP  2011-2012  $ 220,000

Acquisition Of High Sensitivity Instruments To Enhance The  Study Of Reactive Adsorption On Nanoengineered Materials And Their Application In Filters And Gas Sensors    

• Micromeritics Instrument Corporation  2011-present  $98,000

ASAP 2050

• NYC DEP  May 10-Dec. 13 • $1,100,200

Study of Granular Activated Carbons  

• ARO  Feb.10-Jan. 13  $370,000

Nanoengineered Carbon-Based Materials For Reactive Adsorption of Toxic Industrial Compounds

• NSF • Oct.09- Sept. 12  $292,000

Investigation of Factors Affecting Adsorption Capacity and Selectivity of Activated Carbon in Highly Efficient Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel

• NSF  April 08-March 11  $177,927

Removal of Toxic Gases by Intercalation and Reactive Adsorption  

• NYC DEP  May 08-May 10  $672,000

Study of Granular Activated Carbons

• NYSERDA  April 06-March 07  $50,000

Adsorption of Biogas on Industrial Sludge Derived Adsorbents  

• ARO  Oct.05-Oct.09  $370,000

Sorbents and Mechanisms of Removal  

• NYC DEP   May 05-May 07  $562,000

Study of Granular Activated Carbons

• NYSERDA • Feb 04-June04  $41,000

Sewage Sludge Enriched Adsorbents for Removal of Acidic Gases   

• CRDF (USA- Moldova)  March 02-Apr.04 • $5,800

Activated Carbons for Water Treatment  

• NATO (Collaborative Linkage Grant: USA-Spain-Ukraine)  April 01-May 04  $ 25,000

Adsorption of hydrogen sulfide on Nitrogen Modified Activated carbons 

• NYC DEP  May 02-May 05  $476,490

Study of Granular Activated Carbons  

• Synagro Corporation  Oct. 01-Sept. 02  $ 11,000

Terrene® Modified with Spent Oil as a Precursor for Efficient Adsorbents for H2S and SO2 removal.  

• E.I. de Pont de Nemours and Company  Feb.01-Jan.02  $ 15,000

Determination of Surface pKa Distributions using Titration Methods in Polar and Non Polar Solvents

• PRF • Sept.00-Aug.04  $60,000

The Mechanism of Methyl Mercaptan Adsorption/Oxidation on Activated Carbons

• Graduate Research Technology Initiative  1999  $50,000

Evaluation of the levels of Contaminants and Pollutants in Water and Air in New York

• CUNY Collaborative Incentive Grants program  Sept.99-Aug.01  $32,000

Activated Carbons Obtained from New York City Municipal Sludge as Sorbents for Sulfur Dioxide

• NYC DEP  May 99-May 02  $682,896

Study of Granular Activated Carbons                         

• NASA (PAIR)  (associate investigator)  June 98-June 01

Remote Sensing and Environmental/Climate Research

• NYC DEP  Jan. 98-Jan. 99  $272,319

Study of Granular Activated Carbons

• National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences  Fall 1997

Travel grant to Ukraine to start collaboration with Ukrainian Academy of Sciences


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