Satellite Symposium to CARBON 2023: Beyond Adsorption III


The venue will take place at


Hotel Barcelo Maya Colonia, Cancún, Riviera Maya (same as Carbon 2023)


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Following the great success of Beyond Adsorption workshops 2016 and 2019, Carbon scientists, rich in a long-standing experience and loaded in fresh perspectives gained after Carbon 2022, are invited to take active part in this one-day symposium dedicated to new emerging applications of porous carbons and the challenging science behind it.

An obvious advantage and the uniqueness of target materials is their porosity and even though this symposium is intended to go beyond adsorption, this process might be the main/first step to the phenomena discussed.

Examples of applications we would like to address/discuss are:

* Photovoltaic devices
* Electrodes for lithium batteries
* Energy conversion and Storage
* Sensors
* Imagining media
* Photocatalysis
* Fuel cell components
* And others..

For all these processes carbon porosity and surface chemistry play a crucial role.

The symposium will consist of oral presentations (15 min), flash talks (5 min) and round table discussions. Carbon scientists are invited to submit the challenges, which they would like to address, and the approaches they use concerning cutting-edge applications of nanoporous carbons and revitalisation of their technological perspectives. Free exchange of ideas will be encouraged.

Registration: $ 150 (including continental breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch; dinner optional)

Sincerely, the Organizers:

Prof. Teresa J. Bandosz, The City College of the City University of New York (Chair)

Dr. Conchi Ania, CNRS – CEMHTI (Vice Chair)


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